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Hey Baddies Welcome to PamperMeGlam Cosmetics. We Believe that All Baddies have Deserves to be Pampered & Be Glam while doing it. Let Your Face Be Your Coloring Book. It’s your time So Pamper Me Glam please and Thank you!!

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  • Meet Maklisha

    Maklisha Is Known as @beliforebeauty on instagram. Her artistry is unmatched and we love it. For this look she is wearing follow:

    ✨Nude Glam Palette
    ✨ Basic Tingz Thicc Base
    ✨ She’s Prettie Glitzy Glitter
    ✨ Fierce Brow Pencil Spyce

    ✨ Dahlia Liquid Blush
    ✨ Lift and Sculpt palette
    ✨ Carmela and Tati Glam Dust

  • Meet Courtney

    Courtney is call the Cut Crease Muva and on her instagram is . She Slays a look everytime she touches a brush. The details if this look goes as follows:

    ✨️Fierce Brow Pencil in Mehlani
    ✨️ Base-ic Tingz Eyeshadow Base shade Thicc & Smoke
    ✨️ Nude Glam Palette
    ✨️ Tropic Glam Palette
    ✨️ Glam Dust shades Carmella and Ivory
    ✨️ Liquid Blush in Honey & Pink Petal
    ✨️ Rozay Cheeks Blush Palette
    ✨️ Lift & Sculpt Palette
    ✨️ Diamond Dust Highlight in Baddie & Beautie
    ✨️ Lash: Kourtney

  • Meet Kameshra

    Kameshra or @lustrousneautybymesha on instagram understand the assignment. She does beautiful makeup and we love her talent. In this look she is wearing as follow:


    ✨ Nude Glam Palette ✨
    ✨ Rozay Cheeks Blush Palette ✨
    ✨ Basic Tingz Eyeshadow Base - Pure ✨
    ✨ The Fierce Brow Pencil - Spyce & Melani ✨
    ✨ Glam Minks - Belfiore ✨
    ✨ Glitzy Glitter- Dancehall ✨
    ✨ Glitzy Brush ✨
    ✨ Glam Glue ✨
    ✨ Pamper Puff ✨
    ✨ Diamond Dust Highlighter- Bougie ✨
    ✨ Lift & Sculpt Contour Palette ✨
    ✨ Glam Dust - Ivory ✨
    ✨ The Fierce Brow Gel ✨
    ✨ The Fierce Mascara ✨
    ✨ Glam Glaze- Khalua ✨

  • Meet Faith

    Faith who is known on socail media as @faithwalks247 is one of SFX Baddies. She looks that she brings is never a disappointment at all. The details of this goes as follows:

    ✨ Glam Face Anti Acne Oil Serum

    ✨ Rozay Setting Mist 

    ✨ Fierce Brow Pencil shade Melani

    ✨ Base-ic Tingz Eyeshadow Base shade Thicc

    ✨ Nude Glam Palette

    ✨ Tropic Glam Palette

    ✨ Fierce Liquid Liner

    ✨ Glam Minks style Bella

    ✨ Glitzy Glitters Fantasy Stack

    ✨ Rozay Cheeks Liquid Blush shade Honey

    ✨ Glam Dust shade Carmela and Tati

    ✨ Lift & Sculpt Palette 

    ✨ Rozay Cheeks Blush Palette Volume 1 

    ✨ Diamond Dust Highlighter shade Baddie 

  • Meet India

    India is a very talented mua and her creativity is amazing. India goes by @Indiamua on instagram. Her softglam looks are flawless. The details of her look are as follow:

    ✨Rozay Fine Mist
    ✨Fierce Brow Pencil in Meilani
    ✨Basic Tingz Thicc eyeshadow base
    ✨Nude Glam palette
    ✨Tropic Glam Palette
    ✨“She’s Prettie” Glitzy Glitter
    ✨Glam glue Black
    ✨The fierce Liner
    ✨The fierce mascara
    ✨Carmela Glam Dust
    ✨Pink Petals Rozay cheeks liquid blush
    ✨Rozay cheeks Vol 1 blush Palette
    ✨Lift & Sculpt Contour Palette
    ✨Bougie Highlighter
    ✨Pamper Puff


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