Hey Baddie Thank You!

Hey Baddie Thank You!

First and Foremost I want to say "THANK YOU" so much for becoming a customer and supporting the brand. It's feels good to know that I am presenting good quality products that you love. I also would love if you can show some love and tell me about how you like/love PamperMeGlam so far. I truly want to make sure that you're getting "Pampered while getting Glam & become a Baddie.'


Sooooo I love EVERYTHING . But when I tell you that the Lift/Scuplt palette is my favorite it is soooooo natural looking; it’s perfect. I also love the Glam Dust in the shade Carmela. This line is exactly what it’s name states: GLAM 🔥🔥🔥


This fierce LINER IS FIYER!! It’s my absolutely fav when she put MATTE into it, she did just that. This is the most matte liner I’ve ever purchased. I won’t ever buy another one! Thanks TEKA! ❤️

Andrane Mems

The Nude Glam pallet is everything!!! The pigmentation and colors in the palette are on point you can go full blown nude or you can nude with a pop of color. Universal indeed!!

Kameshra White

I must say how much I love the glitter Island Water…this glitter is so beautifully blue and will take your look to another level! I had to go back for seconds!!!

Kameshra White

I just want to say this, The Owner is very inspirational and kind . PMG is a brand like no other. The Glitz and the Glam speaks for itself. There is not just glitter on the site but they also have lashes of all styles. Lipgloss. Lip scrub (which has all organic ingredients in them). :ip Oi; as well. I can see great things happening for PMG.


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